Uhul Vacation

Yep, here in brazil the summer it`s on December so the vacation it`s on December too.  And I use this time to rest a little  so now I `m on 01/14/2013, and until today I don`t study anything about Cocos2d-x BUT I WILL STUDY THIS DAMM THING! AAHHHHH!!!!!

Them I will come back here and tell you waht I`ve study and what I have done.

Reading a manual for the first time in my life!


Hi guys, today I’ve finally decide what engine I’m going to use to built my first game. Time to study and make some tests. So, I go to the engine’s website and download the manual of user. In this moment while I write this post I’m procrastinating because the manual is to BIG.

For now that’s it, but be Ready for what is coming next!

The style of background thet I want to do…

For my first game project I’ve got a pretty cool character, I called him Ozy. And I decided that Ozy will live in a post-apocalyptic world in a not too distant future.

So based on that I tried to creat a background for the game, where we have all the building and that kind of stuff but there is a something sad in the air. Check it out at the next post my firts background.

My first character is coming on.

Uhul this moment I’m developing my first game (Yeah baby!). And studying on the subject, I found that creating a character is extremely complex.

Spending a message using not only personality but also the art it’s not a easy thing. The format of the character is something that influences the player subconsciously.

I hope to develop something cool, I want a character nice and mysterious. We will see what happens XD.